Dennis Nebus

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Dennis Nebus

Dennis Nebus is the biological father of C.R.N.H., a minor in Florida. Nebus and Heather Hironimus, C.R.N.H.'s mother, engaged in a long drawn legal battle over the circumcision of C.R.N.H.

In the initial parental agreement, signed when C.R.N.H. was just over 1 year of age, Nebus was supposed to schedule and pay for the surgery in a timely manner. However, Nebus did not move to schedule the procedure until two years later. At that time. Hironimus had changed her mind over the risks of general anesthesia and the lack of medical necessity.

Initially Nebus claimed that C.R.N.H. had urinated on his leg, which he attributed to phimosis. A medical expert however declared that C.R.N.H. had no medical need for the circumcision. Nebus then claimed that circumcision was "the normal thing to do".

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