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Heather Hironimus from Boynton Beach, FL, is the mother of the now well-known boy Chase, born in October 2010, who should be circumcised following a parenting plan that she had co-signed, in 2012, with the boy’s father, which stipulated that the child be circumcised for hygienic reasons.

In a dispute with the father of the boy, with whom the mother shares custody, several courts had ruled against the mother. She had withdrawn her granted permission to circumcision because Chase has anxiety prior to the surgery. Also, the boy should not expect an unnecessary anesthesia. Her lawyer stated that she has hidden in an undisclosed domestic violence center in the South of the state.[1]

While she and her son were still hiding from a signed warrant for her arrest[2], they have already become very famous in the intactivists movement. Heather Hironimus appealed to the community: "I am pleading with fellow intactivists, parents and all others to help me save my son, his foreskin, his rights and hopefully other children from allowing the ‘system’ to make these decisions”.[3]

On 14 May 2015, she had been arrested, as CBS12 reported.[4]

On 22 May 2015, she was forced to sign a circumcision consent form in a Palm Beach County, Florida courtroom, so that her 4.5 year old son could be cut by his father.[5][6]

It seemed as if the father of young Chase found a doctor who was willing to circumcise his son on 11 June 2015, in Joe DiMaggio Children's Hospital (JDCH) in Hollywood, Florida, as Intact America stated on their Facebook page. Protests against the doctor and the hospital by thousands of intactivists, plus a Cease and Desist Order[7] by Heather's new attorney seem to have cancelled the scheduled circumcision at the JDCH so far.[8]

On 24 July 2015, Heather still did not get back custody for her son and stated in the press that she still doesn't know if he has been circumcised.[9]

On 11 November 2015, Heather's attorney filed an emergency motion to alter the previous custody order that prevents her from seeing her son or caring for him. This document states that Heather's boy was secretly circumcised during his judicial abduction by his father, Dennis Nebus. The boy's recent diagnosis with leukemia presumably occurred during his recovery from the circumcision.[10]

In January 2017, the Assistant State Attorney filed a notice with the Judge, stating that she has successfully completed the program. In July 2015, her attorney had worked out an agreement with prosecutors on Hironimus’ behalf. She had to enter a pre-trial intervention program which included a mental heath evaluation, a four-hour parenting course and other provisions. Prosecutors now have dropped the single felony charge of interference with custody.[11]

Award for intactivism

Hironimus was chosen "Intactivist of the Month" by Intact America.

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