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Dix P. Poppas, M.D.[a 1], F.A.C.S.[a 2], F.A.A.P.[a 3], is a pediatric urologist based in New York City.[1]

Dr. Poppas is noted for his performance of nerve sparing clitoral reduction surgery on young intersex patients, which he has performed at least 51 times.[2]

Weill Medical College described Dr. Poppas surgical procedure as "standard".[3]


Dr. Wheelus and Dr. Roenneburg have voiced extensive criticism of Dr. Poppas practice. They have suggested that his practice violates the federal law against female genital mutilation (FGM), that it is actually a return to the practice of clitoridectomy.[4]

Dreger & Feder (2010) criticized the follow-up study by Poppas of the sensation in the reduced clitoris that used a vibrator to stimulate the clitoris in order to determine the level of sensation.[5]

The CircWatch website has the strongest and most comprehensive criticism of Dr. Poppas procedure.[6]

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