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Book Data
Title Ent-hüllt!
SubtitleDie Beschneidung von Jungen - Nur ein kleiner Schnitt?
AuthorClemens Bergner
Pages 324
Format14,8 cm x 21,0 cm
First EditionMay 22, 2015

Ent-hüllt! Die Beschneidung von Jungen - Nur ein kleiner Schnitt?
- Betroffene packen aus über - Schmerzen - Verlust - Scham

(Un-covered! Circumcision of boys - just a little snip?
- Affected ones speak out about - pain - loss - shame)

In this book, for the first time ever in German, affected men are talking about their ""cut"" foreskin, which was effectivly an amputation. They talk openly and honestly about the negative consequences that they suffer. Consequences affecting them both physically, mentally and sexually.

Not only directly affected men have their say, but also indirectly affected, such as sex partners and parents.

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