Illinois - Judge says no to circumcision

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Illinois: Judge Says No to Circumcision for Boy is the headline used by the New York Times on 25 October 2006 for a report on the historic, precedent-setting Schmidt v. Niznik case in Chicago, Illinois in which the court prohibited the circumcision of a boy until he is old enough to decide for himself.

The case represented a victory for the genital autonomy movement.

The case generated substantial media comment.

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  • REFnews Peres, Judy (25 October 2006)."Court bans forcing boy's circumcision",, Chicago Tribune. Retrieved 6 June 2020. "Because there are no U.S. precedents, other courts could look to this ruling in future cases, said George Hill of Doctors Opposing Circumcision."
  • REFnews (25 October 2006)."Illinois: Judge Says No to Circumcision for Boy",, New York Times. Retrieved 6 June 2020. "The judge, Jordan Kaplan of Circuit Court in Cook County, said that the procedure was “an extraordinary medical procedure” for a 9-year-old and that the boy could decide for himself when he turned 18."