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Jump to navigation Jump to search was an organisation founded by the late Amen Ronald Oberhollenzer-Paternoster in 1964. They advocate that the law should be enforced on any form of forced human circumcision. One of their basic concepts is the idea that all kinds of forced genital mutilation is already outlawed by existing laws and therefore every approach to parents who 'cut' their children is counterproductive. According to existing laws, parents would have no right to mutilate the genitals of their children, for whatever reason.

Although criminal laws basically protect people from physical injury and mutilations in almost all countries, there is e.g. the so-called Circumcision Act in Germany since 2012 which allows medically unjustified genital mutilation on underage boys. Although this law has since been sharply criticized by many legal experts, physicians and intactivists for being unconstitutional, it is currently challenging the axiom of

The organisation sees itself as part of the so-called "School of Humanity: Global Social Institute", of the "Global Social Webwork for the Wellbeing of Creation" and the "Global Symposium for an Intact Humanity". The founder Amen Paternoster periodically files criminal charges against governments and persons. He now even fights a bitter struggle against many Intactivists who try to convince (expectant) parents by education to keep their future children intact.

In late 2018, the official website has been closed after Amen Ronald Oberhollenzer-Paternoster died in 2017.

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