Jennifer M. Wheatley

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Dr. Jennifer M. Wheatley is a paediatric surgeon with practices in Bulleen and Bundoora, VIC, Australia.[1]


Surgical services that I provide on a regular basis include penile surgery (circumcision, hypospadias correctional surgery and the treatment of penile conditions), inguinal and scrotal surgery (inguinal hernia, hydrocele and undescended testis surgery), umbilical surgery, tongue tie, head and neck surgery, evaluation of lumps and bumps and skin lesions. I am happy to see patients with acute and chronic abdominal pain, constipation and bowel dysfunction (both acute and long term), urinary tract dysfunction such as recurrent infections, wetting and urinary reflux.
– 195 Specialist Centre[1]
Jennifer undertook her medical training adult general surgery and paediatric surgery in Sydney and also spent time in New York gaining invaluable experience in paediatric cancer. She has been involved in the Melbourne-based liver transplant program and assisted in the establishment of the paediatric program. Jennifer is a senior lecturer in paediatrics with the University of Melbourne, coaching the medical student group who are based at Northern Health.
– St. Vincents Private Hospitals[2]

Dr. Wheatley offers a Circumcision Information Sheet which clearly states that she does circumcision for non-medical reasons, even for newborns.[3]

A paediatric surgeon who performs circumcision of newborns aged 0–8 12 weeks under local anaesthetic as an office procedure using a Plastibell device and circumcision of boys over 6 months of age under general anaesthesia as a day surgery procedure. Also does circumcision of men under general anaesthesia.
– Circumcision Foundation of Australia (List of Possible Circumcisers (2020))[4]


Wheatley is a member of the alleged medical organisation Circumcision Academy of Australia, driven by circumfetishist Brian J. Morris.

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