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Dr. Joseph Bell

Dr. Joseph Bell, M.D.[a 1], F.R.C.S. Eng[a 2], J.P.D.L., (2 December 1837 in Edinburgh, Scotland – 4 October 1911 in Milton Bridge, Midlothian, Scotland) was a Scottish surgeon and lecturer at the medical school of the University of Edinburgh. He was also called Joe Bell.[1]

"Bell, best known for being Sir Arthur Conan Doyle's model for Sherlock Holmes, was a colleague of [Joseph] Lister at the Royal Infirmery in Edinburgh and was one of the first surgeons to adopt the antiseptic technique. Dr. Bell was especially interested in surgery on children, had a gentle touch, and in 1887 was appointed surgeon to the first surgical ward in the Royal Edinburgh Hospital for Sick Children."[2]

Circumcision promotion

In 1873, Bell claimed he cured several boys of bed wetting by circumcising them, so he recommended circumcision for intractable bed-wetting (see publication).


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