Megan Renee Sarah Huguez

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Megan Renee Sarah Huguez (died 2 January 2021) from Tucson, AZ, was a young regret mom who surprisingly died in her sleep after complaining of an upset stomach and staying in bed all day.

Her regret story was posted by Brother K in 2014:

My ex and the hospital pressured me into circumcising my first child. I was naive, ignorant. I was 18, my abusive ex husband demanding that he 'was circumcised so my son WILL BE!'

And the nurse lied to my face about it. They took him from me while I was crying, saying, 'No, I don't know what that is.'

The moment I saw him I knew he was not the same baby I had just let go, I had to check his wristband because his eyes had changed. He was still in shock. When he peed he screamed. When I saw his wound I broke down crying. What had I done? What did they do to him?? I've been against circumcision ever since, I just wish I had known before it was too late for him. I had two more sons after him, they're intact, whole and will never know the pain of genital cutting.
Megan Renee Sarah Huguez (Facebook)[1]

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