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Prevail over the System (POTS) is the name of a Youtube channel dedicated to intactivism. It claims to offer "Intactivist News & More", however it seems to have little to say about the value of the foreskin, circumcision, or the pain and trauma.

The channel offers numerous linkable videos regarding various aspects of intactivism. The videos feature an animated cartoon character as the host.

The intactivist sponsors of POTS are anonymous. The introductory video claims that there are four seasoned intactivist sponsors with more than twenty years of experience. The statement is ambiguous. It is not clear whether each of the four intactivists have twenty years of experience or whether the four together have a total of twenty years of experience.

POTS's unannounced mission or goal appears to be to help the various intactivist groups and organizations to communicate, cooperate, and collaborate with one another, so as to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of transmitting the message of intactivism to the public and suppressing the practice of child circumcision and mutilation.

POTS has announced its desire to transition to its own website in the future.

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