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Quebec-based doctor Raymond Rezaie is accused of performing more than 30 circumcisions that required further surgery to fix.[1] Through the proceedings, the number of botched circumcisions was raised to 87, many of them suffering long-term complications that required surgical corrections under general anesthesia. Some boys found it difficult to urinate as a result of a medical complication known as “hidden penis.”[2].

Rezaie, 51 in 2014, is a family doctor who began practicing in Montreal, Quebec in 2006. He obtained his medical degree in the Dominican Republic in 1992.[3]

On his website, Rezaie says he traveled across Canada researching the best infant-circumcision techniques by experienced doctors. The dates of the cases under investigation range from July 2010 to October 2013. The FAQ section on his website indicates that "to date, there have never been any serious complications among our patients".

The Canadian Urological Association (2018) says "neonatal circumcision cannot be justified based on the current evidence available."[4]

According to the Disciplinary Board of the College of Physicians of Quebec's decision dated December 23rd of 2013, Rezaie obtained permission to perform circumcisions in 2009; he has a 40 hour class certificate from Neil Pollock and has performed approximately 6,000 circumcisions since 2010. His website lists a cash fee of $150 per procedure. The FAQ section of his website makes reference to the Mogen clamp, a circumcision tool which is favored in religious circumcisions and by Neil Pollock and his students, but which also has a high potential for catastrophic injuries.[5]

Through his lawyer, Rezaie unsuccessfully argued that he has performed thousands of circumcisions and that problems are within the accepted complication rate.[6]

On December 23rd of 2013, the Quebec College of Physicians barred Dr. Rezaie from performing circumcisions.[2]

In spite of the restriction on his license, the Montreal Gazette reported on January 6th that Dr. Rezaie's office was still booking appointments on the phone, explaining that he was booked for several weeks but not disclosing the status of his license.[3]

On April 16th of 2015, the Quebec Court rejected Rezaie's appeal and upheld the right of the College des médecins to ‪stop‬ provisionally Dr. Raymond Rezaie from performing ‎circumcisions‬.[7]

Lack of third-party payment

Third-party payment for non-therapeutic circumcision is not available in Canada.


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