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Silvia Breher 06 October 2020

Silvia Maria Breher (nee Lucke; born 23 July 1973 in Löningen, Germany) is a German lawyer and politician (CDU). She has been a member of the German Bundestag since the 2017 federal elections and has been deputy party leader of the CDU since the end of November 2019.[1]

Political positions

In 2017, Breher advocated same-sex marriage.[2]

Silvia Breher at the CDU party conference on 22 November 2019 in Leipzig, Germany

In 2023 she spoke a word of greeting on the Worldwide Day of Genital Autonomy, in which she spoke out clearly in favor of protecting all children from genital mutilation.

My name is Silvia Breher. I am the family policy spokeswoman for the CDU/CSU parliamentary group - and I am a mother of three children.

Every human being, every child, has the right to physical integrity. Regardless of age, origin, religion or tradition. Non-medical interventions, including genital cutting, violate the right to physical integrity.

In Germany, too, many women and girls are affected. And I thank all the initiators of this day for drawing attention to this topic. Because it is the task of all of us as adults, as politicians and as a society, to stand up against it.
– Silvia Breher[3]

When asked by Ulf Dunkel whether she really meant all children and not just girls and women, she confirmed:

Of course, I am committed to the physical integrity of EVERYONE, especially children must be under our special protection and gender is completely irrelevant. I'm sorry that I accidentally didn't name the boys again at the end, but that says nothing about my attitude, which I formulated very clearly at the beginning of the video. Anyone who knows me and my work doesn't question that at all.
– Silvia Breher (8 May 2023) (Facebook Messenger)

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