Stefan Schritt

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Stefan Schritt

Stefan Schritt is a German intactivist who engages since 2012 among others in the Facharbeitskreis Beschneidungsbetroffener to outlaw the medically not indicated circumcision of boys.

At the end of 2012, he published the video 'The circumcision and the Christmas tree' on YouTube, in which he visualized circumcision based on a Christmas tree.

He is the author and editor of the Circumpendium. He is also the technical organizer of the annually held WWDOGA campaign day in Cologne (Germany).

He also runs the religious critical and social critical blog 'Abgeblogged' and supports the Giordano Bruno Foundation since 2012.


For the 'Humanistischer Pressedienst' (hpd), he contributed articles (in German) on the circumcision topic:

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