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Tim Arkell

Intactivist Tim Arkell is the current secretary of The Darbon Institute (formally Australasian Institute for Genital Autonomy - AIGA). They advocate for everyone’s right to bodily integrity and genital autonomy and educate the public, the medical profession and government about the harms of non-consensual, medically unnecessary genital cutting and other body alterations so that these practices come to an end.[1]

Tim is a solicitor practicing in collaborative family law and human rights. He is a member of Australian Lawyers for Human Rights. He is a widower, proud dad and grandpa and lives on the Sunshine Coast, QLD. Tim has a strong focus on law reform and human rights and is a an active Intactivist and proud advocate for children without a voice. Circumcision is a destructive and unnecessary procedure and has no place in a modern and compassionate society. Being born male with a foreskin is not a birth defect requiring medical intervention.

Australia ratified the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child in 1989 and has laws in all states and territories protecting females but still actively discriminates against males and intersex children by not affording them the same level of protection at law. [1]

Tim also also works with Michael Winnel and Max Roberts as part of Foreskin Revolution.

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