Yitzhok Fischer

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Yitzhok Fischer

Yitzhok Fischer is the mohel in New York that has been tied to four neonatal herpes infections, including one death and one case of brain damage. In 2007 he was ordered to stop performing metzitzah b'peh. He has tested positive for herpes.[1] Fischer appeared to be performing metzitzah b'peh as late as March of 2012.[2] This is one of the cases that led to the city of NY to create a new law requiring mohels to obtain signed consent from the parents before performing metzitzah b'peh.[3] Rabbis and mohels have expressed outrage over what they see as an intrusion on their religious rights[4] and have expressed intentions to disobey the law.[5] Some rabbis are suing the city to challenge this ruling.[6]

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