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Art. 122 StGB (Swiss Criminal Code) reads reads (highlighting in the legal text by IntactiWiki):

Swiss Criminal Code
Second book: Special provisions, First title: Criminal acts against life and limb, 3. Bodily harm
Art. 122 - Serious assault[1]

Anyone who deliberately injures a person in a life-threatening manner,
who deliberately mutilates the body, an important organ or limb of a person or makes an important organ or limb unusable, makes a person permanently unable to work, frail or insane, badly and permanently disfigured a person's face,
who deliberately causes other serious damage to the body or the physical or mental health of a person,
is punished with imprisonment from six months to ten years.

Non-binding comment from IntactiWiki:

The offenses mentioned in this Criminal Code article apply to HGM against minors.


The association Pro Kinderrechte Schweiz (Pro Children's Rights Switzerland) filed a criminal complaint in Bern in April 2018 against a doctor who amputated children's foreskin without medical indication.[2] The report read on multiple grievous bodily harm (according to Art. 122 StGB). The public prosecutor's office dismissed the criminal complaint, claiming that male genital cutting is unpunished in Switzerland.[3] If this claim were correct, any person could currently genitally mutilate any male person with impunity. Pro Kinderrechte Schweiz filed a supervisory complaint against this unlawful rejection of the criminal complaint with the Public Prosecutor's Office (October 2018). They demand that this decision be overturned and that the criminal complaint be properly checked.[4]

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