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Amber Craig is an American intactivist and mother from North Carolina.

She was instrumental in ending payment for non-therapeutic circumcision by North Carolina Medicaid in 2001.[1]

Craig was a member of the faculty of the Seventh and Eighth International Symposia.

Award for intactivism

Craig was chosen "Intactivist of the Month" by Intact America.


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  • REFweb (16 September 2010). IOTM – Amber Craig, Intact America. Retrieved 15 July 2022.
    Quote: Amber Craig has awesome energy, intellect and commitment, says Georganne Chapin, Intact America’s Executive Director. She understands the importance of working at all levels—among parents, policymakers, legislators, and the medical community—to end the mindless practice of infant circumcision.


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    Quote: Effective with date of service November 1, 2001, the N.C. Medicaid program will no longer cover routine newborn circumcisions.