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Antisemitism in Intactivism is an anonymous Facebook page. It claims to present "anti-Semitic greatest hits and misses from intactivists".

IntactiWiki comment

It doesn't really become clear what this site wants to achieve. They denounce people who, as intactivists, appear to have made anti-Semitic statements. They denounce intactivists whom they consider being Nazis. They denounce people for contact guilt with such intactivists. The page even conflates legitimate criticism of the religion of Judaism with anti-Semitism.

The page has been created in 2019, hasn't much traffic and is frequently visited by some people or other pages which basically question intactivism, like e.g. BloodStained guys, a "parody page" which mocks about intactivism in general, but not giving any arguments why parents should have the right to mutilate their children's genitals.

If you delve deeper into the site, you will find that they very often "overshot the mark" and everything possible is described as anti-Semitic, even completely normal demands to finally implement human rights for children. This is a pity insofar as the topic itself is of course very important. Intactivists stand up for the human rights of children and intactivism has basically nothing to do with anti-Semitism. Due to the fact that Judaism is still one of the "cutting" religions, it is obvious that there are people who have something fundamentally against Judaism because of this. IntactiWiki makes a clean distinction here and does not criticize Judaism per se, but only this one Jewish (and Muslim) custom of genital mutilation that is harmful to children and violates their bodies and their rights. It might help the Antisemitism in Intactivism site to draw a cleaner dividing line here as well.

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