The Antisemitic Roots of Intactivism

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The Antisemitic Roots of Intactivism is an anonymous Facebook page. Because it links to the interesting and informative website Judaism 101 by a Tracey Rich[1], one could assume that the Facebook page is also from Tracey Rich.


This page is devoted to exposing the anti-Semitic roots of intactivism.
– The Antisemitic Roots of Intactivism

IntactiWiki comment

The claim of this Facebook page implicates that intactivism must be anti-Semitic from its beginning — without giving any proof. Thus, one can assume that underlying the charge that intactivism is inherently anti-Semitic is the assumption that criticism of something Jews do to children is inherently anti-Semitic — which it is not.

The page has a few followers and low traffic. The tone of that page is very arrogant and overbearing. People who, like the late Rosemary Romberg (wife of a Jew and an intactivism pioneer), openly approached the site's creators and declared that intactivism is not rooted in anti-Semitism but in a desire to protect all children from violence, are ridiculed and lampooned.[2] Other comments of people on that Facebook page seem to have been removed so that only (rather rude) comments of the page owners are still visible.

On this basis, such a site can do little to protect children (or even protect Jews from anti-Semitism), even if the notion of not mixing intactivism and anti-Semitism is important, of course. The impression remains that this site just wants to lash out instead of dealing with factual criticism of the bloody ritual of circumcision of boys.

The author of this website seems perfectly willing to expose boys born into Jewish homes to the surgical risks, pain, trauma, loss of physiological function, and violation of human rights inherent in Brit Milah. Who is the true anti-semite?

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