Catheterization of intact boys

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Catheterization of intact boys with a non-retractile foreskin in the United States and Canada frequently presents unique issues caused by the poor training and lack of knowledge of North American healthcare providers, who do not know how to insert a catheter when the boy has a normal intact foreskin.[1] The foreskin is normally non-retractable in childhood.[2] Such providers may attempt premature forced foreskin retraction to the harm of the boy[3] or even demand that the boy be circumcised to permit catheter insertion.

These issues do not occur in other advanced nations where healthcare providers are properly trained in the care of intact boys.

Carmack & Milos (2017) identified the issues with intact boys and provided all necessary information on the technique of inserting a catheter into the penis of an intact boy.[1] A PDF version is available and may be printed and provided to a health care provider.

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