Circumcision Is A Fraud: And The Coming Legal Reckoning

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Book Data
Title Circumcision Is A Fraud
SubtitleAnd The Coming Legal Reckoning
AuthorPeter W. Adler
EditorUlf Dunkel
Pages 282
Format6 x 0.71 x 9 inches
First Edition2022-01-15

Circumcision Is A Fraud: And The Coming Legal Reckoning is a book (2022) by Peter W. Adler, M.A.[a 1], J.D.[a 2]

Book description

Circumcision Is A Fraud: And The Coming Legal Reckoning, book cover

This book shows that the American medical profession has not been telling circumcised boys and men, their parents, and the public the truth about circumcision since they began performing the operation in the late 1800s.

Physicians and their trade associations claim that circumcision has many medical benefits; that it is the painless and harmless snip of a useless piece of skin, or nearly so; and that in any event, parents have the right to elect it.

These claims are all untrue. The truth is that the foreskin is the most sensitive part of the penis and very good for health; that circumcision is very bad for health, and it is unlikely to benefit any boy or man; and that in any event, men have the right to decide the fate of the foreskin of their own penises for themselves.

In short, circumcision is violence masquerading as medicine. It is unethical and unlawful, so physicians are not allowed to perform the operation, or to offer it to parents.

The book argues, building upon an article published with a medical expert in a Cornell law journal, that male genital cutting is also a complex multibillion dollar per year fraud dating back 150 years. Through various unfair and deceptive practices explained in the book, physicians take the foreskin that males value and have the right to keep. Physicians enrich themselves at the expense of boys and men whom they have a duty to and swore to protect since the practice began in 1870.

The book suggests that boys, men, and their parents can bring lawsuits against the physician and hospital to recover damages. Moreover, it argues that they have the right to prevail on most of those claims without a trial. Successful lawsuits will help compensate circumcised boys and men and their parents for their losses, and help speed the inevitable demise of this harmful ancient practice in the United States and worldwide.

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