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Jump to navigation Jump to search is a service announced by Intact America to commence in the Spring of 2024, which will provide professional assistance to parents and others who have experienced unethical or otherwise bad medical practice at the hands of American health care workers in the practice of circumcision and/or the care of foreskinned boys.

According to Georganne Chapin: is a free online medical mistreatment service for filing official complaints for circumcision, foreskin, penis, and other genital harms.[1]

Types of complaints

Some practices have been named for which DoNoHarm would file a report.

They include:

  • Solicitation for medically unnecessary non-therapeutic surgery such as infant circumcision.[2] This is a highly unethical practice[3] and may also be unlawful.[4]

  • Risks and complications of genital surgery are commonplace and usually attributed to malpractice for which a complaint to medical authorities may be filed.

The three items above have been cited as examples of issues for which DoNoHarm would file a complaint, but it does not exclude similar issues related to circumcision.

Filing a complaint

The DoNoHarm website advises that one must first register, then one must fill out a form.

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