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Intactivists are liars is an anonymous Facebook page created by a "Josh" somewhen in 2015, then with the title "Circumcised boys are healthy boys".


"Josh" writes about the purpose of this page:

Originally a troll page, I created this page to share the truth about circumcision. I was circumcised as an adult male and after having been asked to share my experience I was bombarded with these people who called themselves "intactivists" telling me that soon I would not be able to feel sex, be able to get hard, or truly feel an orgasm. After anxiously waiting for over a decade, when nothing changed, I decided to make this page to share the facts. Which are, you don't lose any feeling. It is a flap of skin. I personally prefer to be circumcised. I believe in parental choice.
– Josh[1]


IntactiWiki comment: "Josh" seems to have no idea what he is talking about. Of course every adult can decide to have his genitals modified for any reason. But with the very first name of his page ("Circumcised boys are healthy boys"), he confuses everything because he claims that circumcised boys are healthy, while originally arguing that it was about adult circumcision of their own free will. He also states that he believes in "parental choice" which means he believes that parents have the right to consent to the medically unnecessary amputation of important parts of a child's body - which is not the case. Of course intactivists shouldn't bully adults who report that they have been circumcised as adults. But we guess the bullying of this "Josh" was rather due to the fact that he spreads false information about Routine Infant Circumcision, linking to Circumfetish sites and not understanding the importance of human rights of children. Claiming that the male foreskin is just a flap of skin proves that he also has no knowledge about anatomy and the functions of the foreskin.

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