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A Posthitis is the medical term for an inflammation of the prepuce of the penis.[1] When posthitis occurs with balanitis, it is known as balanoposthitis.


Usually it is a bacterial or fungus-related infection, but posthitis can also be caused by chemical or physical irritation.[2] Often, unprotected sexual intercourse and poor hygiene or comorbidities, such as a foreskin constriction (phimosis) with subsequent limited hygiene, can be the cause.[1]

Candida balanoposthitis causes cracking or fissuring in the foreskin. Candida balanoposthitis is associated with diabetes.[3]


Posthitis, like balanitis, has many possible causes, so the cause must be accurately diagnosed before a treatment modality can be selected.

The therapy is basically carried out medicinal and begins with a local therapy. Depending on the pathogenesis, antibiotic or fungicidal ointments are used. In the case of chemical or mechanical irritation, a therapeutic trial with ointments containing glucocorticoid may also be undertaken. For persistent relapses, circumcision may be considered.[1]


Possible complications include spreading of the infection to the glans (balanitis) as well as further ascending, which can lead to prostatitis or a urinary tract infection.[1]


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