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Dr. Rahul S. Tipnis is a male practitioner practicing in Werribee, VIC, Australia.[1]


Tipnis performs circumcision for all age groups.[1] He is mentioned in an information sheet by the Melbourne Vasectomy and Circumcision Clinic.[2] It says that he performs circumcisions for non-medical reasons such as "aesthetic outcome":

Best possible aesthetic outcome
The foreskin is removed using a "freehand" cutting technique and the skin edges are then realigned with fine dissolving sutures to give the best possible aesthetic outcome. This procedure also involves excision of the frenulum and surrounding tissue, which again enhances the overall aesthetic outcome.
– Heaths Road Medical Centre[2]


Tipnis is a member of the alleged medical organisation Circumcision Academy of Australia, driven by circumfetishist Brian J. Morris.

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