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Original photo of Mendelsohn, by Bob Miller, Seattle Post Intelligencer Oct. 28, 1980

Dr. Robert S. (Zalman Shaul) Mendelsohn, M.D.[a 1], (13 July 1926 – 5 April 1988 in Evanston, IL) was a practicing American pediatrician who authored several bestselling books on healthcare, appeared on TV and radio, and wrote a syndicated medical advice column.

Beloved by many for his practical advice, Mendelsohn encouraged people to take a judicious approach to their medical care. He was a proponent of natural childbirth, breastfeeding, and limited medical intervention, while warning against the overuse of prescription medications and unnecessary surgery, which he called “ritual mutilation.” Mendelsohn was deeply troubled by circumcision, writing and speaking against the practice. [1]

Mendelsohn is mentioned In Memorium in Rosemary Romberg's book Circumcision: The Painful Dilemma.


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