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Dr. Roswell Park, M.A.[a 1], M.D.[a 2], (1852 – 1914) is remembered for founding the world's first cancer institute that now bears his name a century ago, The Roswell Park Cancer Institute, and for an unfortunate association with the mortal wounding of President William McKinley in Buffalo, NY, in 1901.[1]

Park's accomplishments as a pioneer American neurosurgeon have been overlooked. After Park was appointed as Chair of Surgery at the University of Buffalo in 1884, he became the first American surgeon to precisely localize and remove a posttraumatic epileptic focus in the absence of external scars in 1886. Park introduced American physicians and surgeons to David Ferrier's research on localization of cerebral cortical function and Victor Horsley's techniques for extirpating epileptic foci. In 1895, Park became the first American surgeon to successfully treat spina bifida. In the same year, he wrote the first American monograph on surgery of the head. Park's case reports of successful operations on patients deemed almost incurable reveal boldness and ingenuity. Park's untimely death truncated a promising career.[1]

Circumcision promotion

In 1902, Roswell Park published a paper "proving" that foreskin causes epilepsy and that circumcision cures it (see publications).


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