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Novice Supercanister Combo Kit

The Supercanister is a tugger which can also work as a weight. It is produced by Advanced Devices Inc.. It is constructed from medical grade Delrin polymer and stainless steel hardware. The Supercanister is a design that was based off the 35mm film canister method of tugging. The Supercanister also has a unique magnetic safety release. The safety release is designed to release tension in the event tension exceeds a safe predetermined maximum. This is done to protect the wearer's penis from excess tension. The Supercanister also allows the wearer to cleanly urinate without having to remove the device. There is a provision to insert a cotton plug to prevent drips from soiling clothing.

Advanced Devices produces two models of Supercanister, Novice and Advanced. The Novice model is designed for men with little to no slack skin. The ADI Supercanister Novice model comes in 3 sizes (Med/Large, XL, and 2XL). The Advanced model is a "one size fits all" tapered cone design which offers some amount of bi-directional tension for the inner and outer skin.

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