The Joy of Being a Boy

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Book Data
Title The Joy of Being a Boy
AuthorElizabeth Noble
EditionMay, 1994
PublisherTaterhill PR


A book to reassure the young boy and his family that to remain intact as nature intended is the BEST way. He has kept what many other boys have lost—a foreskin to protect the end of his penis and keep it sensitive. In early childhood this little hood should be left alone by adults. Further reading and resources for parents are included.


A minimal book with a maximal message... This volatile issue touches men to the quick—specifically their penises. (Institute of Whole-Self Discovery, 29 May 1994)
A wonderful aid to help parents appreciate & understand how the foreskin develops...many doctors don't know this!
Ronald F. Goldman, Executive Director, Circumcision Resource Center, Boston, MA
This superb book....acknowledges a return to nature and a boy's supreme right to control his body.
Marilyn Fayre Milos, RN[a 1], Executive Director NOCIRC, San Anselmo, CA
Written for easy child reading...helpful for parents trying to make an educated decision about circumcision.
– Audrey Linn, Journal of Nurse Midwifery

From the Publisher

Circumcision is the only surgical procedure where the decision to operate is made solely by parents who know little about the structure and function of the normal penis. In simple words and photos this book explains these facts. The Joy of Being a Boy will educate families who may be blindly following tradition or believing such medical fallacies that surgery is necessary for hygiene and disease prevention. Parents will gain the courage to "Just say NO", and to assert that the infant male body has perfect and necessary design.

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