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Ronald Goldman

Ronald Goldman, Ph.D.[a 1], is a psychological researcher, speaker, writer, and director of the Early Trauma Prevention Center which educates the public and professionals. His work includes hundreds of contacts with parents, children, and medical and mental health professionals. He has a particular interest in perinatal psychology and serves as a peer reviewer for the Journal of Prenatal & Perinatal Psychology and Health.[1]

Goldman founded the Circumcision Resource Center and the Jewish Circumcision Resource Center and is their Executive Director. He published various articles and books on the topic of minor's circumcision, also regarding the very often heard Anti-Semitism club[2][3].

Ronald Goldman is contributing author at Beyond the Bris.

In July 2020, Goldman headed a lawsuit representing taxpayers who want MassHealth (Medicaid) to stop paying for infant circumcisions.[4]

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Ronald Goldman discussed pain and trauma in a video by Brendon Marotta:

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Goldman was chosen "Intactivist of the Month" by Intact America.

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