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Celebrities Against Circumcision is a Facebook page which lists outspoken advocates against genital mutilation of children among the well-known celebrities, using their fame & fortune to promote human rights.

The page has been dedicated to the stars who use their public stance against genital mutilation of children.

Intactivist celebrities

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Name Quote Source
Pamela Anderson I chose not to circumcise my sons. I believe we need all our body parts. Bamboo Magazine[1]
Gerard Butler Howard Stern: "Are you circumcised?" - Gerard Butler: "NO! We don't do that!" Howard Stern Show[2]
Russell Crowe Circumcision is barbaric and stupid. Who are you to correct nature? TODAY[3]
Alan Cumming I never thought about my foreskin until I came to America. The Guardian[4]
Christopher Hitchens It is not right, it is not moral, it is in fact wicked, to submit children to the mutilation of their genitalia, or to anyone without consent. The Connecticut Forum[5]
Joe Rogan Don't cut baby dicks, it's real simple. The Joe Rogan Experience[6]
Patrick Stewart I'm not circumcised. Graham Norton Show[7]

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