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Daniel J. Krimsky

Daniel J. Krimsky is a mohel in the United States. In 2004 he amputated the glans of the penis of an 8-day=old baby (known as LG) during a bris in Florida and attempted to conceal the damage. He was using a Mogen Clamp. The baby did not receive emergency care in time and suffered permanent disfigurement and loss of sexual function. Rabbi Krimsky agreed to pay the family an undisclosed amount of money.[1]


The complaint argued that Daniel J. Krimsky is not a doctor or medical practitioner. He presented himself as a "certified" mohel, in spite of not having the skill or training to perform circumcisions. Krimsky's attempt at hiding the damage was only uncovered by a physician present in the event.

Mogen was also named a defendant in this case for product liability, failure to warn and breach of warranty. The instructional brochure included with the clamp falsely stated that "No injury to the glans is possible because of beveled under edge and narrow aperture".[2]

Under general anesthesia, doctors re-covered the shaft with the skin remaining in the specimen and re-anastomosed the glans penis using a micro-surgical technique. However, the operation was not a complete success. Over the next two weeks, part of the glans became necrotic and black and was removed, including most of the skin of the shaft. As a result, L.G. no longer has a glans penis. When L.G. is older, it may be necessary to release the penile shaft skin and perform a skin graft in order for L.G. to have the best penile function possible under the circumstances. Although doctors project that L.G. will be able to have sexual intercourse and reproduce, the sexual experience will not be the same as if he had a glans penis.[3]

U.S. District Judge Jack B. Weinstein ordered that Mogen Circumcision Instruments of New York be forced to pay $10.8 million in compensatory and punitive damages to L. G. and his parents, Dror Gerges and Sivan Gerges, in 2010. It is unknown if L. G. or his parents will ever collect on the judgement as Mogen Circumcision Instruments of New York was already in default in 2010, after having been forced to pay a $7.5 million to a plaintiff from a 2007 lawsuit. Rabbi Krimsky agreed to pay the family an undisclosed amount of money. The plaintiffs' attorney was David J. Llewellyn.[4]


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