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Necrosis means [d]eath of cells through injury or disease, especially in a localized area of a tissue or organ.[1]

The Plastibell, Prepex, and TARA KLamp circumcision devices intentionally cause necrosis of the foreskin by ischaemia, which causes the foreskin to die and fall off.

Necrosis is a complication of circumcision.


Tasci et al. (2020) surveyed the medico-legal aspects of post-circumcision necrosis. Information on 24 cases was collected. The patients were treated for necrosis by surgical intervention in 15 (62.5%) patients, hyperbaric oxygen treatment (HBOT) in 6 (25%), the conservative approach in 2 (8.3%), and HBOT plus surgical intervention in 1 (4.1%) patient.[2]

Case reports

Sterenberg et al. (1981) reported a case of necrosis of the glans penis after ritual circumcision of a ten-day-old boy by a mohel. The boy had a blackened glans penis. He was hospitalized but the necrotic glans penis fell off.[3]

Barnes et al. (2006) reported the case of a two-week-old male infant who developed glans necrosis after a non-therapeutic circumcision. The boy is reported to have suffered only cosmetic damage with no functional impairment expected.[4]

Aminsharifi et al. (2013) reported two cases of glans necrosis after circumcision.[5]


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