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Foreskin regeneration is the term applied to the creation of a foreskin by the application of tissue engineering and regenerative medicine to regeneration of the lost foreskin for those men who have lost their foreskin to [[circumcision].

Foreskin regeneration remains experimental and under development in the Spring of 2024 as no foreskin has yet been regenerated.

Foreskin regeneration would use a different process from foreskin restoration as has been practiced since ancient times.

Foreskin regeneration has been promoted by Vincenzo Aiello of Rome, Italy, who has created Foregen an Italian charitable organization in 2010, to advance the development of foreskin regeneration.

Progress reports

  • Foregen announced in 2018 that it had completed a decellularized extracellular matrix–based biomaterial scaffold, which is to be used in foreskin regeneration.[1]
  • Aiello (April 2023) announced the successful completion of animal trials using sheep.
  • Novatna et al. (2023) compared two different methods of decellularization techniques of human foreskin and found that both methods are satisfactory.[2]


Progress update April 2023 (by Mr. Aiello)


Brendon Marotta estimates that the market for foreskin regeneration may be more than $200 billion.[3]

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