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Dr. George Willard Kaplan, M.D.[a 1], M.S.[a 2], F.A.C.S.[a 3], F.A.A.P.[a 4][1], (born 24 August 1935 in Brownsville, TX)[2], was an urologist in San Diego, CA. He received his medical degree from McGaw Medical Center of Northwestern University and has been in practice for more than 20 years.[3]

Curriculum vitae

Kaplan was Professor of Clinical Surgery and Pediatrics at University of California, San Diego, and has long had an interest in medical and local history. Dr. Kaplan has published over 250 scientific articles and textbook chapters, and co-authored one textbook.[4]

Kaplan was a member of the American Academy of Pediatrics task force that produced the 1999 Circumcision Policy Statement.[5] The statement clearly stated that non-therapeutic infant circumcision "is not essential to the child's current well-being".

Doctor Kaplan has always been a keen observer of common urological problems in children and has reported on idiopathic urethrorrhagia in boys, idiopathic scrotal edemaand hypertension in neonates as a complication of umbilicalartery catheters, just to name a few. He is considered to be a preeminent “hypospadiologist” and has the distinction, whether he likes it or not, of being one of the authorities on circumcision and complications related to this procedure.
– Hal Scherz[2]
George W. Kaplan was a Jewish doctor and a good one. My understanding is that he thought that circumcision was good if done correctly.
George Hill


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