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Hans Herzl (10 June 1891 in Vienna, Austria – 15 September 1930 in Bordeaux, France)[1] was the son of Theodor Herzl and Julie Naschauer.

Hans's parents, although Jewish, did not believe in ritual circumcision, so he was not circumcised in accordance with the alleged Abrahamic covenant.

Hans's circumcision

Hans's father died when he was 13 and his mother was addicted to morphine, so he was placed in the custody of Zionist Jews in England who decided to have him circumcised at age 15,[2] which he deeply resented.[3]At the age of 20 he felt unable to form a true relationship with a woman. Perhaps it was because of the circumcision he underwent at the age of 15.[4] Hans was treated by Karl Jung after his circumcision, after which he was able to flirt with girls.[4]

He never was able to overcome the physical and psychic trauma of his circumcision. He never married, nor did he seem to have an occupation. According to Singer, "[h]e ultimately settled in London, where he earned a meager living translating his father’s writings, but the work was intermittent and he struggled financially all his life."[2]


His sister, Pauline, died at Bordeaux, France in 1930 when he was 39. After the funeral, Hans used a firearm to take his own life in his hotel room.[2] [3]


(The following text or part of it is quoted from the free Wikipedia article Theodor Herzl:)

Theodor Herzl's daughter Paulina suffered from mental illness and drug addiction. She died in 1930 at the age of 40 of a heroin overdose. His only son Hans was given a secular upbringing and the Herzls refused to allow him to be circumcised.[5][6] On Herzl's early death, after reportedly being pressured to do so by his Zionist caretakers, Hans, then a ward, submitted to circumcision on 29 May 1905;[5][7][8] he subsequently converted,[9] resenting the way he had been persuaded to be circumcised,[10] and became successively a Baptist, then a Catholic, and flirted with other Protestant denominations. He sought a personal salvation for his own religious needs and a universal solution, as had his father, to Jewish suffering caused by antisemitism. Hans shot himself to death on the day of his sister Paulina's funeral; he was 39 years old.[11]

Hans left a suicide note explaining his reasons.

A Jew remains a Jew, no matter how eagerly he may submit himself to the disciplines of his new religion, how humbly he may place the redeeming cross upon his shoulders for the sake of his former coreligionists, to save them from eternal damnation: a Jew remains a Jew ... I can't go on living. I have lost all trust in God. All my life I've tried to strive for the truth, and must admit today at the end of the road that there is nothing but disappointment. Tonight I have said Kaddish for my parents—and for myself, the last descendant of the family. There is nobody who will say Kaddish for me, who went out to find peace—and who may find peace soon ... My instinct has latterly gone all wrong, and I have made one of those irreparable mistakes, which stamp a whole life with failure. Then it is best to scrap it.[8]
– Hans Herzl[12]


Hans was buried in a Jewish cemetery at Bordeaux along with his sister Pauline in 1930.[2] However, in 2004 the Israeli government had the remains of Pauline and Hans exhumed and reburied in the national cemetery on Mount Herzl near the grave of their honored father, Theodor Herzl.[2]

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