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Hayim Leiter is a rabbi and a mohel from Melrose Park, PA[1], now living in Jerusalem, Israel, who names himself an "activist". He founded Magen HaBrit, an organization committed to protecting both "our sacred ceremony" of Brit Milah and the children who undergo it. He made Aliyah[2] in 2009 and lives in Jerusalem with his wife and children.

On his private blog on The Times of Israel, he not only promotes MGM being a mohel, but complains about intactivists who complain about MGM on social media. Please note that The Times of Israel don't see themselves responsible for content published on blogs on their website.

On Facebook, he runs a public group named REAL Circumcision Truths. which seems to be a covered advertising page from him who does all the contribution.

Ignoring Corona crisis

During the 2020 Corona crisis, this mohel proudly announced that he still proceeds Brit Milah circumcision, praising himself for the claimed fact that experienced mohels like him can perform circumcision in just 1-2 minutes, so that the child suffers less. The tragic irony of the clear fact that a circumcision alone harms the child, plus the Corona risks, show that circumfetishists like him are really convinced they do something good to the child.[3]

Disgusting comparison

In the 2020 circumcision debate in Denmark, a Jewish man stated:

As a Jewish man I feel that it[']s my body, it should've been my decision as consenting adult, not forced on me as a baby[.] It's a human rights issue[.] I propose we adopt Brit Shalom alternative, then let men decide as adults over their own bodies[.] We've survived such bans b4[.]
– GenerationIntact (@GenIntact) (Twitter)[4]

Hayim Leiter replied in a very disgusting way:

You mean the Holocaust correct? It's true, we only lost 6 million.
Hayim Leiter (@ravhayim) (Twitter)[4]

Leiter here compares a ban on genital mutilation of minors which has been reality on several periods of time in Jewish history with the organized industrialized murder of millions of Jews during the Nazi era. To our knowledge, there is no evidence that the Nazis prohibited circumcision of Jewish boys. On the contrary, they used the visibility of circumcised penises to prove that people were Jewish.

Current events

A non-cutting alternative to Brit Milah, usually called Brit Shalom, is gaining in popularity in Israel.[5]

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