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The general ignorance of the human foreskin in the American medical community and the resultant prevailing poor quality of care provided to foreskinned boys has led to the creation of the Intact-friendly doctors list.

The Intact-friendly doctors list is maintained on the website of Your Whole Baby. The names of intact-friendly doctors are provided by parents who had a good experience with a doctor. The intact-friendly doctors are grouped by states so it is easy for parents to locate a nearby physician.

The Intact-friendly doctors list may be accessed at Intact-friendly doctors list.

According to Doctors Opposing Circumcision, such physicians:

  • respect the natural developmental process of the foreskin, and its variability. They know not to hurry the process nor worry about normal variations like ballooning, smegma, etc.
  • know that the average age for full retractability of the foreskin is about age 10,[1] and that it is completely normal for some boys not to be retractable until after puberty.
  • know that foreskin care in the young child is very simple: “Only clean what is seen” and “Leave it alone!”
  • Should foreskin or urinary tract problems occur, they use non-invasive treatments, make every effort to preserve and protect genital wholeness, and know that circumcision of children is rarely, if ever, needed.

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