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Jenny Goodman, MB, ChB, MA, is a British medical doctor, psychoanalyst, and mother. She served on the faculties of the Fourth and Fifth International Symposia.

She appeared in Victor Schonfeld's ground-breaking documentary, "It's A Boy!", shown on British television in September 1995. Since then, she has been challenging circumcision both within the Jewish community and in the wider world. She has appeared twice on BBC national television, spoken on several radio programs, and has had articles published in national newspapers.


I am confident that my people have such an abundance of life-enhancing, life-affirming and mind-opening traditions, that our identity and sense of cultural self-heed will happily survive our outgrowing of circumcision, a cruel relic which has always felt to me like an aberration at the heart of my religion.
– Dr. Jenny Goodman (Challenging Circumcision: A Jewish Perspective)[1]


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