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John N. Krieger is an elderly urologist from Seattle[1] who collaborates with Brian J. Morris and Stephen Moreton in authoring medical articles that unethically promote the practice of medically-unnecessary, non-therapeutic circumcision on male minors in violation of the child's human rights.

His adult behavior indicates he was circumcised as a very young boy.[2]

One patient described his treatment as follows:

Botched my surgery ended up in er with in 3 hours of surgery. Non stop bleeding. Went to valley medical er. After being there for an hour still bleeding. Head doctor of er came in and said we don't know what to do we have never seen a doctor do anything like this to anybody. They had to seed [send] me back to uw [UW] i was there 3 day. Every doctor and nurse were shocked at what had been done to me Worst experience in my entire life. I am 60. Was so rude to my mother she cried. Had to have another doctor do follow. Should no long be a doctor. Do not see him. Find anybody else. You would get better treatment from anybody standing on a street corner.[1]


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    Quote: Medical doctors in Australia, Canada, and the United States practiced circumcision in the twentieth century, so these nations have a heavy proportion of circumcised men, some of whom become medical doctors. These circumcised male doctors share the same bias in favor of male circumcision as do other circumcised males. Male doctors who were circumcised as infants are more likely to recommend circumcision of infants to parents.