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National Organization of Restoring Men

NORM, the National Organization of Restoring Men, was founded in San Francisco in November 1989 by Tim Hammond and R. Wayne Griffiths as a support group for men desiring to restore their foreskin.

Both Griffiths and Hammond has been practicing the BUFF method. Hammond felt isolated on his efforts and suggested establishing a support group. They pooled their financial resources and placed classified advertising in two San Francisco Bay Area newspapers, the Sentinel and the Bay Area Reporter. The gay community was targeted first since Hammond felt that gay men, in general, tended to be more open about matters concerning sexuality in general and their genitals in particular. The response was overwhelming. They received over 200 telephone calls within the first few months of the ad's appearance.

The first meeting was held on February 5,1990 at Hammond's apartment with 12 people in attendance. Subsequent monthly meetings were held either at either men's apartment. Each meeting regularly has an average of 12 to 17 men, with more (37) in attendance when special speakers were invited. Speakers have included:

  • Marilyn Milos, RN[a 1], the National Director of NOCIRC;
  • Richard Steiner, who had a full scrotal graft;
  • Drew Okun, who had a surgical foreskin tuck; and
  • Dr. Ira Sharlip, who did Drew's surgery.

The group soon became too large for apartments. In early 1991, the group was named RECAP Organization (the acronym for RECover A Penis). It is now known as NORM - the National Organization of Restoring Men.

Since its inception, the group has received inquiries from men around the world, demonstrating that this type of support group is indeed timely and necessary. There are now more than two dozen groups, with groups in London, Belgium, France and two in Australia. Many men have expressed an interest in organizing or attending groups in their areas. Groups can be established by following the NORM Guidelines.

In December 1992, Hammond and Griffiths decided to separate the responsibilities of activism and support. Tim founded NOHARMM (National Organization to Halt the Abuse and Routine Mutilation of Males) as an organization dedicated to stopping routine infant circumcisions through activism and protest. In June 1994, Jim Bigelow decided to incorporate UNCIRC under NORM so that there will be a network of three major organizations -- NORM, NOCIRC and NOHARMM -- to serve all facets of the intactivist movement. Bigelow published The Joy of Uncircumcising in 1992.[1]

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