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Pre-ejaculate on the glans of the penis

Pre-ejaculate (also known as pre-ejaculatory fluid, pre-seminal fluid or Cowper's fluid, and colloquially as pre-cum)[1] is a clear, colorless, very slippery liquid that is produced by the Cowper's glands. [2] and discharged from the urethra of males. It collects under the foreskin of normal, foreskinned males where it functions as a lubricant at times of sexual arousal, masturbation or sexual intercourse. They are also called the bulbo-urethral glands and are the male equivalent of the Bartholin's Glands.[1]

Function and risks

(The following text or part of it is quoted from the free Wikipedia article Pre-ejaculate: Function and risks:)
Pre-ejaculate neutralizes residual acidity in the urethra caused by urine, creating a more favorable environment for the passage of sperm.[3] The vagina is normally acidic, so the deposit of pre-ejaculate before the emission of semen may change the vaginal environment to promote sperm survival.[4] Pre-ejaculate also acts as a lubricant during sexual activity,[4] and plays a role in semen coagulation.[4]

Low levels or no sperm exists in pre-ejaculate, although studies examined small samples of men.[5][6] Two contrary studies found mixed evidence, including individual cases of a high sperm concentration.[7][8] Popular belief  — dating to a 1966 Masters and Johnson study[9]  — stated that pre-ejaculate may contain sperm that can cause pregnancy, which is a common basis of argument against the use of coitus interruptus (withdrawal) as a contraceptive method.[5][6]

Studies have demonstrated the presence of HIV in most pre-ejaculate samples from infected men.[6][10][11]


The quantity of pre-ejaculate produced various widely between individuals. Production of pre-ejaculate may be triggered by erotic thoughts alone.

Some observers believe that, on average, circumcised males tend to produce less pre-ejaculate than foreskinned males, due to loss of sexual sensation received by the autonomic nervous system from the ridged band and other nerves of the foreskin.

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