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The foreskin can [also] be tightened by a simple purse-string suture (transverse incision with vertical suturing or a circumferential purse-string suture), where a continuous stitch is made around the tip of the foreskin and then pulled tight, drawing it closed in somewhat the same way the frenar band works in a natural foreskin.

The suture will dissolve after about six weeks. During this period the body reacts to the suture as a foreign object and begins to grow skin tissue around the suture. This is the same thing that happens with body piercings such as a simple ear piercing. The body reacts by making a skin tube around the foreign object so it is no longer inside the body.Even though the suture dissolves the skin tube will remain.

A restored foreskin is typically not as tight as a natural one, so a small number of restorers may choose to have this surgery performed when they finish their restoration process, in order to increase the tightness of the foreskin.

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