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Sinokuthemba Xaba is member of the 2018 Guideline Development Group (GDG) of the WHO. The GDG's task is to develop updated recommendations on safe male circumcision for HIV prevention and related service delivery for adolescent boys and men in generalized HIV epidemics.[1]


The WHO published the following biography of Sinokuthemba Xaba:

Xaba Sinokuthemba

  • Ministry of Health and Child Care, Harare Zimbabwe
  • BSc Nursing Science, Masters Of Science Development Studies
  • Harare Zimbabwe

Sinokuthemba Xaba is the National Coordinator of the National VMMC program in Ministry of Health and Child Care Zimbabwe from the inception of the program. He has extensive experience in public health; adolescent sexual and reproductive health as well was maternal health. He has served as in various capacities within the MOHCC from the Provincial level to the national level. He has also served as content reviewer of national HIV guidelines and was also a member of the national HIV prevention think tank that developed the National behavior change program and combination HIV prevention strategy in Zimbabwe. He also led in the policy review and guidelines development that allowed the broadening the scope of practice for nurses in Zimbabwe in the VMMC program so that they could be allowed to perform both surgical and device circumcisions. Regarding the ASRH program he was provincial coordinator of a 5 year UNAIDS sponsored project implemented between the MOHCC and the Zimbabwe national Family Planning Council called the Youth Responsibility Project. Sinokuthemba has co-authored over 15 papers in peer reviewed journals and has lead the RCT for the Prepex device in Zimbabwe He has extensive experience in working in and with government, Academic institutions, NGOs, United Nations and multilateral institutions and serves in a number of national technical and steering committees and advisory groups.[2]

As reported above, Xaba is in charge of promoting non-therapeutic VMMC for all age groups in Zimbabwe. PubMed reports that he has published 32 pro-circumcision articles in support of his mission. He seems committed to the promotion of non-therapeutic circumcision for all age groups, including infants.

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