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Bloodstained Men & Their Friends is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit intactivists organization which aims at protesting against the forced circumcision of children, wherever it occurs in the world.

Board of Directors

They organize many street campaign events throughout the whole year, mainly in the USA.

Bloodstained Men & Their Friends, 2019

Award for intactivism

The Bloodstained Men were chosen "Intactivist of the Month" by Intact America.

Bloodstained suit

Bloodstained Men use to wear the Bloodstained suit since Jonathon Conte introduced it to America at the 2012 American Academy of Pediatrics convention in New Orleans. It was created and worn firstly in public by Richard Duncker during a Men Do Complain protest in London, England. The bloodstain reminds people that what is done to the child (genital cutting) also affects the adult that child becomes.

Who can wear the Bloodstain?

The Bloodstained Man suit is for everyone, cut men and intact men, cut women and intact women, and anyone who has felt the negative fallout of both circumcision and a cutting culture in some way. Whether the wearer of the suit has experienced direct or indirect harm to their physical being and/or soul, the outfit represents the stain that American doctors have inflicted upon our nation.
– (Anonymous)


The following lists of events are just a selection and make no claim to completeness.

Next events


Florida Circumcision Crisis Protests 2023
  • 9 May 2023: Kansas City, KS + Lawrence, KS
  • 10 May 2023: Salina, KS + Manhattan, KS
  • 11 May 2023: Lincoln, NE
  • 12 May 2023: Bellevue, NE + Omaha, NE
  • 13 May 2023: South Sioux City, NE + Norfolk, NE
  • 14 May 2023: Columbus, NE + Grand Island, NE
  • 15 May 2023: North Platte, NE + Kearney, NE
  • 16 May 2023: Hays, KS + Great Bend, KS
  • 17 May 2023: Garden City, KS + Dodge City, KS
  • 18 May 2023: Wichita, KS
  • 19 May 2023: Topeka, KS + Shawnee, KS
  • 20 May 2023: Overland Park, KS + Blue Springs, MO
  • 21 May 2023: Kansas City, MO

Previous events

See Bloodstained Men/Previous events.

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