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Autocircumcision is the practice by a small number of foreskinned men of permanently keeping and wearing their intact foreskin in a retracted position so that the glans penis is permanently exposed. The practice preserves the intactness of the penis. Some men who practice autocircumcision find it necessary to wear a plastic ring behind their corona to keep their foreskin retracted.[1]

Claimed benefit

"This will make the penis appear like being circumcised, without the drawbacks."[1]

Immunological and protective function

Fleiss, Hodges, and Van Howe (1998)[2] and other medical scientists have identified numerous immunological and protective functions of the foreskin and its enclosed preputial sac. These functions would largely cease to operate when the foreskin is kept in a retracted position that deactivates the preputial sac


Keratinization and loss of sensation will occur. Sensation may be regained over time if the practice of autocircumcision is stopped.

Returning to normal practice

Some reports indicate that a foreskin permanently kept retracted may shorten and may no longer be stay in its normal position where it covers and protects the glans penis. Some stretching may be necessary to repair the damage.

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