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Jake H. Waskett
Member of:
Gilgal Society
Vernon Quaintance
Brian J. Morris
Edgar J. Schoen
Daniel T. Halperin
Thomas E. Wiswell
Stefan A. Bailis

Jake H. Waskett is a Circlist member who, until June 2012, used to spend a great deal of his time editing Wikipedia to show a pro-circumcision bias.[1][2] As of early 2011, Waskett made almost 14,000 edits, more than 1,275 edits to the Circumcision article alone (over twice as many edits to that article as the runner up, Avraham a.k.a. "Avi"). Waskett's first edit to the article was on the 18th of October 2004, and his last edit was apparently on 18 June 2012 when it was reported that his male roommate encouraged him to end his campaign. Waskett used to average about one edit every 1 days, 20 hours, 29 minutes and 21 seconds, for the Circumcision article.[3] He is suspected of still editing Wikipedia under a different name to hide his identity.

Waskett is known to lurk in parenting forums and blogs, attempting to convince expectant parents to circumcise their children.[4] [5]

There are those on the Internet who discuss the erotic stimulation they experience by watching other males being circumcised, swap fiction and about it, and trade in videotapes of actual circumcisions.[6] Jake Waskett associates with these like-minded individuals, and participates in their activities.[7] Some call them Circumfetishists.[8]

Waskett is in regular contact with Brian J. Morris,[9] and is close friends with known pedophile[10] Vernon Quaintance (Gilgal Society creator, Circlist moderator),[11] who was arrested for child pornography in April of 2011,[10] and sexually molested an 11 year old boy.[12] Waskett also associates with the Gilgal Society,[13][14] who publishes circumcision propaganda, fetish stories of young boys being circumcised while others masturbate, and other materials. Gilgal Society has doctors and (circumcision to prevent HIV) researchers among their members.[15]

J.H. Waskett is listed as a co-author with Daniel Halperin and Thomas E. Wiswell in an anti-intactivist, pro-circumcision article published in 2009 in the American Journal of Public Health entitled "Medicaid coverage of newborn circumcision: A health parity right of the poor."[16]

Jake Waskett is not a doctor or medical professional of any kind, nor does he have any type of degree.[13] Waskett is a 34 year old computer software engineer, located in Radcliffe, Borough of Bury, Greater Manchester, England.[2][17][18]

Wikipedia edits

In the year 2010 alone, these are some of the articles Waskett edited:[19]

Recognizing Waskett

Online, Waskett often goes by one of the following:

  • Jakew[2]
  • Jakeww[20][21][22]
  • Jake_w [23]
  • Jake77[24]
  • kalamus4[25]
  • HarmonySolo[26] (this user may not be Waskett, but instead someone who identified him—this is currently unknown)

Jakew2.jpg Jakew3.jpg Jakew5.jpg Jakew6.jpg

Online Posts

Adequacy Forum Post

2001 Dec 6th

Jake Adequacy.PNG[27]

Note: This does not match up with Waskett's other accounts, where he said he got circumcised in 2003. It's very possible that this was a fictitious expression of Waskett's early circumfetishism.

Yahoo Circlist Posts

2003 July 27th

FROM: Jake
TO: Circlist

I've been on the list for some time, enjoying reading the messages.

Six days ago, I finally got circumcised by Dr. Zarifa of London. he was very agreeable and performed at my request what looks like it will be a 'total' circumcision (ie one that is tight when flaccid and the skin completely immobile and slightly shiny when erect, with public hair and the scrotum pulled onto the lower shaft). The scar line is about half way down my shaft when flacid (I'm still trying to minimize erections so watch this space for later reports).

There is still some pain and swelling as I would expect, but everything seems to be healing ok. I'm taking a multivitamin and B and C suplements in order to help things along. I guess I'll start with vitamin E in a few days.

I had originally planned to go to David Cornell in the States, but my situationv didn't allow that. Nevertheless, as far as I can tell Dr Zarifa did an excellent job.

I'm really proud to be circumcised at last, and look forward to keeping everyone here updated.

Jake (Yahoo Circlist)[28]

Waskett 2003-07-27.jpg

2003 July 30th

FROM: Jake Waskett
TO: Vernon Quaintance (moderator of Circlist, head of the Gilgal Society)
SUBJECT: Circed at last

Hi Vernon

Thank you!

Yes, I recall our correspondence. I find it difficult to believe that I would regret something that I've regretted *not* having done since age 5!

I'm pleased to report that it's now day 9. I've taken all but one of the stitches out. The bruising has gone, and the skin has bonded well on the top and right sides. Dr. Zarifa warned me that the skin would open a little due to the tightness, and sure enough on the left and underside it has. He assured me that this would fill in and become a neat line, so I am trusting the mysterious processes of the human body to do this. I'm getting a couple of drops of blood from the frenulum area from nighttime erections. The swelling is slowly going down, though it has by no means gone.


Jake (Yahoo Circlist)[29]

Waskett 2003-07-30.jpg

2003 Oct 26th

FROM: Jake
TO: Circlist

"For those of you who don't remember, I'm a 26 year old English guy. I was circumcised by Dr. Zarifa on the 21st of July, receiving a high & tight circumcision.

Last time I wrote, I had a slight infection. This of course cleared up quickly, and my penis had essentially healed at about week 6. Around this time also, most of the swelling had gone. The swelling has continued to disappear, leaving just a few slight 'bumps' under the incision, particularly where the skin parted slightly and the scar is wider. There is also a slight ridge following the line of the rim of the glans, but about a quarter inch away under the inner foreskin remnant. This too seems to be going, but very slowly. Did anyone else experience that ridge?

My scar is about one inch from the glans on the topside, and about one and a half at the sides. It looked at first as thought the left hand side was 'lower', but this seems to have become more even over time. The scarring on the underside is quite dramatic, especially where the 'v' shaped hole centered on the frenulum was. I don't mind. The scar is now starting to become more sensitive, especially on the underside. When did you guys start to notice the scar getting sensitive, and assuming it is gradual how long did this process take to reach the final sensitivity?

When flaccid and standing, the skin is smooth. When sitting down, there is sometimes a little wrinking or bunching. When erect, the skin is tight and there is no movement. The underside is particularly tight. As the swelling goes down and the scar becomes more elastic, the circumcision when flaccid looks smoother and neater - effectively looking tighter.

I'm keen to see how it will look in another three months.

I am delighted to report that I am thoroughly enjoying my circumcised penis in every way.


Jake (Yahoo Circlist)[30]

Waskett 2003-10-26.jpg

Note: The above message may seem gratuitious, but it's important to notice that Waskett's primary emphasis has to do with the appearance of his newly cut penis ... the "look" of the thing. This sheds light on the incident, whatever it was, which prompted Waskett to desire a circumcision by age five. Obviously it had to do with appearance, only, as at that young age Waskett couldn't have been aware of any "studies" which recommended circumcision.

2003 Nov 3rd

FROM: CircumcisR@h...
TO: Jake

Some of us who do get erotic and sexual gratification out of not only the finished product, but also the procedure itself. The act of becoming a man is just as important as the bare head he shows. (Yahoo Circlist)[31]

2003 Nov 4th

FROM: Vintrest@y...
TO: Jake

As for the fact that some people find the rite of circumcision erotic, some do. The fact that it involves a surgical procedure on the penis, which permanently alters its appearance has feeling understandably may cause erotic feelings in some men. (Yahoo Circlist)[32]

2003 Dec 25th

FROM: Rodjarrell@a
TO: Jake

I was cut at birth but I have lots of excess skin. Actually, when I'm seated, the skin fully covers my penis head. I'd like to get cut again, but I'd like to make it an erotic experience with either a female doctor or at least I'd like to have one or two female nurses do the prep. Any suggestions? (Yahoo Circlist)[33]

2003 Nov 16th

FROM: Jake
TO: Daniel King

Are we as the pro-circumcision community doing enough to combat this propaganda? Can we do more? For myself, I'm not troubled by the honest information - hey everything has disadvantages, after all - but the hate-fuelled nonsense and confused thinking that is so commonly seen, then the apparently intentional deception that is I think justified in their minds by the well-meaning belief that they are doing it for a good cause. Just like those who tried Galileo. (Yahoo Circlist)[34]

Waskett 2003-11-16.jpg

Note: In King's previous message he states his disgust at the reports from New York about a 21 year old male from Suffolk County who sued his hospital for their having circumcised him when he was an infant. King sums up the issue by saying that the crux of the case hinges on not whether the mother gave legal consent, but if " ... she was in a fit mental and physical state to give the consent."
Note: Waskett compares himself to Galileo.

2003 Nov 17th

FROM: skinnedalive03
TO: Jake
SUBJECT: Fwd re: re: Am I the only one?

This belongs in circlist, too.

Thanks guys

As many of you know from my earlier posts, I am attempting keep at least some semblance of reason in a public, theoretically circ-neutral forum. I recognize that some people here don't see any point in trying this, but I do. People do go to that kind of place for advice, and I can't just stand by and let the anti-circ lies get spread around. Maybe I'm an idealist fool.

Some (a minority) of them will stop at nothing to try to hide the facts. It's incredible how low they are prepared to stoop in their attempts to discredit. I'm currently defending us against these allegations:

"he's a member of circlist (and procirc) and we all know they masturbate to videos, stories and photos of children being circumcised."

"You people are a disgusting bunch of paedophiles" (Yahoo Circlist)[35]

Waskett 2003-11-17.jpg

Note: Waskett's message at PROCIRC seems to have been forwarded and copied at Circlist. The following refers to the now defunct "Circumcision Forum" at Fathermag.

2003 Nov 19th

FROM: Midnight Cowboy
TO: Jake

An older and wiser fox steps forward. 'We are glad that it was convenient for you to cut off your own tail,' he says. 'However, we are not so convinced that you would try to convince us to part with our tails if there were any chance of ever recovering your own.'" "What in the world was old Aesop referring to?

Midnight Cowboy (Yahoo Circlist)[36]

Waskett 2003-11-19.jpg

Note: Midnight Cowboy entered a copy of the Aesop fable "The Fox Who Lost His Tail". The fable ends in this paragraph:
Note: Waskett was livid when he read the fable at Circlist.[37]

2003 Nov 20th

FROM: Jake
TO: Circlist

0 circumcisions ... 13, or 14.13 % of total responses

1 circumcisions ... 43, or 46.74 % of total responses

2 circumcisions ... 27, or 29.35 % of total responses

3 circumcisions ... 5, or 5.43 % of total responses

4 circumcisions ... 2, or 2.17 % of total responses

5 circumcisions ... 0

6 circumcisions ... 2, or 2.17 % of total responses

7 circumcisions ... 0 (Yahoo Circlist)[38]
Note: Waskett started a poll to see how many circumcisions the average Circlist member has had. The following are the results of that poll. Out of 92 responses, 36 had undergone 2 or more procedures, and who knows how many the others have had since 2003. After less than two weeks Waskett not only closed the poll, he deleted it, entirely, which is extremely uncharacteristic, as online polls often continue for a year or more after which they are archived. Evidently Jake was shocked and embarrassed by the revelations which the poll revealed.

2003 Dec 9th

FROM: Jake
TO: Joe

I can't help but wonder how many anticircs eventually "grow out of it". Many of them know the implications of those of us who are circumcied by choice and know that it is better. That's why they hate us so much, I think. (Yahoo Circlist)[39]

Waskett 2003-12-03.jpg

2004 Jan 16th

FROM: Jake
TO: Circlist

he anti-circs don't seem to realize the damage they cause. In trying to stop RIC, they feel the need to say how amazing the foreskin is, so they quote all their figures about the blood vessels enough to go to Neptune and back (or whatever it is they claim this week) and so on -- all true I've no doubt, but they conveniently omit any kind of comparison to put it in perspective. Can you really blame someone who's perhaps a bit gullible, a bit immature, and (from my own observations) keen to find something to blame for their lousy life, if they take all this to heart

and figure that they missed out on this kind of 'sex organ of the gods'?

Of course, those who've grown up with a foreskin know the true story.

Soap-box over. Sorry guys.

Jake (Yahoo Circlist)[40]

Waskett 2004-01-16.jpg

2004 Sep 11th

FROM: Jake
TO: circumcisediam
SUBJECT: Advice 4 sons

circumcisediam wrote: > hi, thank you for having me! i 24 and circumcised, i live un the uk with long

> term girlfriend and our 2 sons aged 3 years & 10 months and are debating having them

> circumcised? i love my status, but should we subject our sons to our personal

> prefferance? both my partner and i both love the circumcised look, but is it

> justifiable? Any comments?

I think that you should consider how they will feel in years to come. Nobody can know for sure, but you and your girlfriend will be bringing them up, so you're in the best position to guess.

I'd say if you can put your hand on your heart and say that your sons will appreciate it, then there's no reason not to go ahead. But if there's doubt in your mind, I wouldn't advise it.

While 10 months is too young, it ought to be possible (if challenging) to talk to a three year old about this, and I think his wishes should be taken into account.

That's my opinion.

Jake (also in the UK). (Yahoo Circlist)[41]

Waskett 2004-09-11.jpg

Note: Believe it or not, Waskett is actually suggesting that a father have his 3 year old son circumcised for his own personal preference.

Google Circlist Posts

2005 May 24th

FROM: Jake
TO: Circlist
SUBJECT: The Phoenix Arisen

What a pleasure to see Circlist e-mails in my inbox again. I'm pleased to see Google chosen. It would have been my choice. too.

Although nowadays there are other pro-circumcision mailing lists, Circlist will always be *the* pro-circumcision list, at least for me. It must mean something different to everyone, but I will never forget finding Circlist.

When I first found Circlist.org (as it was then), I had just begun searching for information about circumcision. At the time I had been thinking about getting circumcised for some time, but I was hesitant and uncertain. I felt, as must so many of us, that I was weird, strange, and probably alone in the world for wanting what I did.

My early internet searches brought up the usual anti-circ tripe, and though I was naive I sensed even then that they weren't entirely truthful. I kept on looking, and then I chanced on Circlist.org. Here were testimonials and intelligent comments from hundreds of men who had done it! I read -- no devoured -- the site, and in spite of my shyness filled out the application form to join the list.

I will never forget the feeling of not being alone, being among like-minded people. Circlist for me has always been a place to have intelligent, thoughtful discussion about circumcision, and a place to talk to like-minded individuals. But, most importantly, its a place to return the favour, and help and advise those who are considering circumcision.

End of speech.

Jake (Google Circlist)[42]

Waskett 2005-05-24.jpg

Note: Established after Yahoo deleted the original Circlist group.

Yahoo ProCirc Posts

2005 Aug 22nd

FROM: Jake
TO: Procirc

I believe that the best strategy will be for the NHS - GPs especially, but also nurses and midwives - to work with the private system, discussing circumcision with prospective parents and then referring to a nearby private doctor to perform the procedure for a reasonable fee (in the US, circumcision typically cost $50-$150, or about 30-120 English pounds. Private clinics could even operate within NHS hospitals, leasing space from the trust.

It won't happen tomorrow, but the religious circumcision clinics opened in the past (Leeds springs to mind) are a good precedent.

Jake (Yahoo ProCirc)[43]

Waskett 2005-08-22.jpg

Yahoo RoundHeadsUK Posts

2006 Mar 10th

FROM: Jake
TO: RoundHeadsUK

As you know, I created it because of the behaviour of the owner of the other RHUK group. I see no reason to censor discussions here, nor to declare anything out of bounds (though I will delete and ban spammers, of course). If group decisions need to be made, anyone can always create a poll.

Many groups don't like discussion of infant circumcision here, because it's controversial. I think that's a mistake. as far as I'm concerned, I'm happy for it to be discussed and even debated here.

My own position on infant circ is moderate, or at least I think so, anyway. I dislike advocacy. I'm in favour of informing the public, parents especially, about circumcision, and enabling them to make decisions. I respect and support their choice on the subject of circumcision, whatever it may be. I would personally choose to circumcise a son (and hopefully I will one day adopt), but am not about to tell others what to do.

Jake (Yahoo RoundHeadsUK)[44]

Waskett 2006-03-10.jpg

Note: Waskett is replying to the first message in this group, which praises him for setting up the group to advocate circumcision.

2011 Jan 21st

I have no interest whatsoever in pushing for mutilation of babies. I'm not even interested in pushing for circumcision, which is a different matter. I'm pro-parental choice, and opposed to irrational anti-scientific nonsense, which is why I tend to argue with it a lot.
– Waskett (Archive)[45]

Note: Waskett's quotes above this one contradict his motivations mentioned here.

Patch Posts

2011 May 20th

Waskett - Gilgal and Circlist Membership is A-Okay.PNG [46]

Note: Quoted text is what Waskett is replying to. Waskett's response comes after the double hyphens.
Note: Here, Waskett is claiming that prominent pro-circumcision proponents being members and associates of circumfetish groups isn't concerning to him. These two groups are the Gilgal Society and Circlist.

Waskett - Not Illegal.PNG[46]

Note: Quoted text is what Waskett is replying to. Waskett's response comes after the double hyphens.
Note: Most of the circumfetish stories found on the Circlist website, in fact do involve children, as you can verify here (follow the citations).
Note: Waskett seems content in his thought that getting a sexual thrill from circumcising infants isn't breaking any laws.


On June 2012, Jake Waskett retired his Wikipedia user account, and on 27 August 2012 he announced his retirement from the circumcision debate.

Jake Waskett's Wikipedia user profile (retrieved Oct. 2012) states:

Retired. This user is no longer active on Wikipedia as of June 2012.

On 27 August 2012, the following email was sent to the inter-circ Yahoo group:

[Inter-Circ] My retirement & the AAP's statement
FROM: Jake Waskett
TO: Inter-Circ@yahoogroups.com

Monday, August 27, 2012 9:49 PM

Dear All,

Back at the end of June I made the difficult decision to retire from the circumcision debate. I've been involved with it for nine years. It's been very rewarding, and I've made a number of friends for whom I have the greatest respect and admiration. But it has also been stressful, and - like many of us who've publicly confronted the anti-circs - I've had to endure vile personal attacks on a regular basis.

Today's announcement from the AAP is exactly what I hoped and worked for: recognition of the beneficial nature of circumcision that is at last explicitly stated, and a strong endorsement of the pro-parental choice position. I'm delighted with it, and feel that it should help to facilitate similar statements from other organisations in future.

So today is a good day. It's also a good time, I think, to announce my departure to members of this group. I'm not leaving Inter-Circ today, though I will at some point in the near future, but I do expect this to be my last post to the group. All good things have to come to an end.


Even so, Jake Waskett is suspected to still be lurking on Wikipedia behind the scenes, and he has been cited as an author in many papers with Brian J. Morris.

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