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Pakman in 2019

David Pakman (born 2 February 1984 in Buenos Aires, Argentina) was born into an Ashkenazi Jewish family and presumably was circumcised in accordance with the Abrahamic covenant, most likely by a mohel on the eighth day of his life. We now understand that infant circumcision is an adverse childhood experience and causes physical and psychic trauma. Pakman lost his foreskin in infancy so he has no personal experience of the functions and sensations of the foreskin. Pakman is a victim of circumcision.

Effects of trauma

Trauma causes behavior change. Famed trauma expert Bessel van der Kolk, M.D.[a 1] (1989) reports that traumatized persons tend to repeat the trauma on themselves or others, resulting in harm to others, harm to self, or being re-victimized. He writes:

Some traumatized people remain preoccupied with the trauma at the expense of other life experiences and continue to re-create it in some form for themselves or for others.[1]

Promotion of non-therapeutic circumcision

Pakman immigrated to the United States at the age of 5 and is now a naturalized citizen.

In his adult life he became a television journalist and political pundit. His usual subject matter is American politics.

He has turned from his usual political fare to do promotional videos for non-therapeutic circumcision of boys. In these videos he has closely adhered to the biased advocacy positions of the medical trade associations, which promote the income and welfare of doctors.

  • In a third video, he quoted from the work of Australian Professor Brian J. Morris, whose claims has been rejected in his own nation. Morris is another traumatized victim of infant circumcision, who has followed a similar pattern of promoting injurious, non-therapeutic circumcision.
  • In a fourth video, he absurdly claimed that circumcision does not reduce sexual sensitivity. This is a mistake that only a man circumcised in infancy and in denial of loss could make.

Pakman's behavior is representative of the behavior of men deeply affected by the pain and trauma of infant non-therapeutic circumcision.

Rebuttal video

An hour-long video to rebut Pakman's absurd claims has been published.

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