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The website EURO CIRC seems to have been created in 2002. The impressum page[1] asserts that the website be driven by a Guntur Maulana in Jakarta, Indonesia. It also claims some half-anonymous guys named U. Klesper, N. Cochems, M. Holzapfel to be the copyright holders of the site. It's obvious that these three aren't located in Jakarta. And it is very strange that a website which targets at people in Europe (and especially in German speaking nations within Europe) resides in Jakarta. Even the kind of English used (mixing Title-Style and Sentense-style and using wrong English words like informations) indicate German authors with low skills in the English language.

Content and claims

The website doesn't offer very much information, lacking details. It provides a "Link Page", a "Leaflets & Circumcision Guide", a "Doctor Recommendation / Contact" page, a "Circumcision forum", and a "Circumcision Info Center". The links to other sites provided here are very biased and even point to circumfetishist Brian J. Morris who himself recommended the former "Cutting Club" at the EURO CIRC website. They even provide information from the former Gilgal Society by the late pedophile Vernon Quaintance.

Fake arguments

Fear of smegma

The website creates fear of smegma by statements like this, combined with some weird photos of penises covered with smegma:

Summer, Sun, Beach and more
The actually already humid climate under the foreskin even increases in the summer heat and forms a true breeding nest for various bacteria which decomposition can cause a bad smell after a few hours and without constant cleaning it can even cause diseases. No more desire for bad smell or pretty surprises? Without foreskin nothing at all can form or accumulate!

Statements like this (which is repeated in various sections of the site) rather state that the maintainers of this site have no personal knowledge of intact genitalia and the simple hygienic care of the penis.

Claiming that Brian Morris is a doctor

In various sections of the site, they refer to circumfetishist Brian J. Morris pretending he's a medical doctor who could give professional advice on the topic of penile health and circumcision. If you click the chapter button "Circumcision Info Center", you are offered a subchapter "Informations by Doctors" with two subsubchapters "A snip in time" and "Diseases" which are pure Morris recommendations.

Poor glossary

At the bottom of the homepage, the website offers a glossary with few entries, claiming fake information. Examples:

  • Dorsal slit: "In this surgical procedure, it is assumed that after stabilization of the immediate symptoms a full circumcision will follow. In only rare cases of Dorsal Slit is performed as a stand-alone surgery."[3]
  • Smegma: The picture used here[4] is beyond weird. It's probably taken from an intact penis dipped in cottage cheese or something similar.
  • Intact: There seems to be one glossary entry only which backfires to the operators of the website. They define Intact as "This term is often used by anti-circumcision activists to describe the uncircumcised penis as fully functional and the circumcised penis as damaged and no longer fully functional."[5] One can only agree with this definition.

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