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The First International Symposium on Circumcision convened at the Emerald Hotel near Disneyland in Anaheim, CA, USA on 1-3 March 1989.


Eleven persons presented papers to the symposium.

  • Altschul, Martin, M.D.[a 1]
The Issue of Urinary Tract Infections
Female Circumcision: Field Observations in Egypt
  • DeMeo, V. James, Ph.D.[a 2]
Attacks Upon the Sexuality of Children: The Global Distribution of Male and Female Circumcision
Clitoridectomy: A Nineteenth Century Answer to Masturbation
Care of the Intact Penis
  • Hosken, Fran P.
The Practice and Politics of Female Circumcision
The First Circumcision Lawsuit
Genital Pain vs. Genital Pleasure, Why the One and Not the Other?
The Ritual of Circumcision: An American Cultural Riddle
  • Robertson, James, Ph.D.[a 2]
Childhood Circumcision: Long-Term Emotional Consequences
Testimony Against Circumcision
Inertia of the Scientific Community

The proceedings of the 1st International Symposium were published in The Truth Seeker, (July/August 1989).


The Symposium adopted the Declaration of the First International Symposium on Circumcision (1989).

The Symposium was sponsored by the National Organization of Circumcision Information Resource Centers.

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